Enhanced Chemiluminescent Solution

CleanBlot Ultra ECL is a substrate for HRP-conjugated antibodies and is optimized for use for Western blotting using film or a CCD camera.  CleanBlot Ultra ECL kit provides excellent performance, low background, versatility and economy for routine Western blotting needs. Its broad dynamic range, high sensitivity and long-lasting signal make Benchmark CleanBlot Ultra ECL Kit an excellent choice for Western blot analysis.



CleanBlot Ultra ECL Kit 200ml $75 CAD







Virus Precipitation Kit

Viral supernatant is usually low titer and unsuitable for most applications.  As such, virus from media often needs to be concentrated for storage or downstream applications. Benchmark Bioscience Virus Precipitation Kit provides a scalable, easy, convenient, and time-saving approach to concentrate viruses without ultra-centrifugation. The virus precipitation solution can be used for small lab samples or large scale virus preparation with equally high yield and high viral titer. Importantly, the kit is equally effective in the concentration of retroviruses and lentiviruses from cell culture medium. Viruses can be concentrated 10-100 fold. The whole process uses non-toxic reagents safe for use with all target cell lines tested, including ES cells.


Virus Precipitation Kit 100ml $200 CAD 

Virus Precipitation Kit 250ml $415 CAD

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